Raymond Merrill is the owner of Merrill Bonding Company. He has been in the bail bonding business since 1989. He has gained recognition as an expert in the bail industry. Raymond’s experience and thorough oversight is a solid guarantee your bond will be handled professionally by Merrill Bonding Company, licensed bail associates, and entire support staff. We have grown from a humble beginning and look forward to growing even more.Merrill Bonding competes actively with all bailbond companies; however, Merrill Bonding’s strength resides in the ability to post large bonds fast. This puts Merrill Bonding Company ahead of most competitors in the bail industry.
Rick Doherty:Managing Agent(left)
Raymond Merrill:Professional/Owner(right)Experience PersonifiedOver 25 years of experience, impeccable integrity and unsurpassed knowledge of the judicial system gives Merrill Bonding Company the extra edge necessary to excel in a very competitive market place. These three components: experience, integrity and knowledge afford Merrill Bonding Company current and potential customer’s tremendous flexibility and exceptional guidance, so urgently needed in today’s fast-paced court/ jail system. Whether you need a bond or help with your court dates, Merrill Bonding Company is always available – we’re 24/7. We know what it takes to service each customers’ specific need with the all the requirements mandated by each jail and every court system in the state of Oklahoma. We care about you.Please contact us whenever you need an expert bail bondsman! We are confident you will be 100% satisfied with the care and concern given to each individual.Below from left to right: Matt Merrill Operations Manager, Debra McWaters Office Manager, Katey Hogue Secretary/Marketting